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Hello there, My name is Mario U, an artist who is interested in working in the comic book, video game and animation field. I have a diverse set of illustration styles from traditional superhero art, to digital paintings. Interest in collaboration on games

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eMokid64's News

Posted by eMokid64 - 7 days ago

Video montage of Some of the moments from this year's New York Comic Con 2018 including...

My reaction to the Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse panel 1:30

Getting my Killer Instinct Commission from Udon Comic Book artist Edwin Huang 2:37

Capcom Producer Yoshinori Ono Reacting to my WWE Xavior Woods vs Kenny Omega Street Fighter Alpha 2 tribute fan art 4:11

Interview with Fusion Fight Gear 5:29

Akasan meeting Ecomog's M Dogg 10:23

and various of cosplay thought the convention.





Posted by eMokid64 - June 17th, 2018


In celebration of Marvel Comics' Amazing Spider-man reaching issue #800, I decided to draw my own cover in Photoshop. This speed drawing video depicts Norman Osborn as the Red Goblin fighting Spider-Carnage. Royalty Free Music used: Indifferent by AKnewGod & Minefield by Degitx feat. Matt. M. Drawing and video made by Mario U.

Posted by eMokid64 - April 6th, 2018

New speed drawing video of Street Fighter V’s Karin Kanzuki in her Christmas DLC costume.


Posted by eMokid64 - February 22nd, 2018

Speed Drawing of video game character Kim Wu from Killer Instinct, in a Korean Hanbok dress in celebration of the Lunar New Year or Seollal for Koreans.

Posted by eMokid64 - January 8th, 2018

1st Speed drawing video for the year. Pro Wrestling Dream match Fan art of WWE's Asuka (aka Kana in Japan) vs Street Fighter's Rainbow Mika. Drawn in Photoshop with Music from R.Mika's Street Fighter Alpha 3 and SFV stages.

Music used

“Street Fighter Alpha 3 Rainbow of
The Ring REmix” by Hyde 209 VGM Remixer

“Street Fighter V R. Mika
(Epic Rock Cover)” by Little V Mills


Posted by eMokid64 - December 16th, 2017

Speed drawing of my fan art illustration of Street Fighter's Juri Han cosplaying D.va from Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch Both South Korean female characters.

Posted by eMokid64 - November 16th, 2017


Posted by eMokid64 - September 25th, 2017


Short Vlog of Nintendo New York’s Launch Event for Metroid: Samus Returns for the Nintendo 3DS AND a Speed drawing of Samus Aran vs The Metroid Queen fan art that was featured at the very same event.

Posted by eMokid64 - August 26th, 2017

Sorry haven't upload a speed drawing video in a while. I have been busy. This commissioned drawing of King from Namco's Tekken series I did from J Crawford's fightstick. One of the more popular lucha libre video game characters in Fighting games. Kanji means King.



Posted by eMokid64 - August 22nd, 2017

5133702_150344025373_ScreenShot2017-08-22at5.58.45PM.pngThis is the finished product of the Tekken King commissioned Artwork I did for my client Jason Crawford on his Custom Fightstick that he build himself.