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Drawing breakdown of Capcom characters Jon Talbain (aka Gallon) vs Fei Long for the Udon Comics' Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers fan art contest. I choose to out these two characters against each other since they both use Bruce lee style Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do.

New speed drawing video on my youtube channel of Chun li in her Street fighter V Battel Costume Dress DLC



New painting video breakdown of Hitomi from Dead or Alive on my Youtube channel


A little late for Halloween but here is my speed drawing video of Marvel's Blackheart!

Quick tour of the Art of Wonder Woman Gallery featuring artwork from fans including two artwork from me. Also including props from the upcoming movie in 2017 staring Gal Gadot.


NYCC video update

2016-10-06 03:52:32 by eMokid64


If you are going to New York Comic Con this week, stop by the Warner Bros Booth 522 for the Art of Wonder Woman Gallery that will include two artworks by me! Take a pic and let me know if your there!


NYCC Wonder Woman Art featured

2016-10-04 08:24:08 by eMokid64

OMG!!! My Wonder Woman Art work will be featured at New York Comic Con this week as part of Wonder Woman 75th anniversary!!! Will post more information as soon as I get it since I will be there Saturday!!! Let me know if anyone else is going!


SVA After School Special weekend

2016-09-16 10:59:14 by eMokid64

5133702_147403855391_5da91d20732107.562f034b76d6f.pngToday my animated Music video “Over Again” will be playing at the SVA Theatre Lobby during the 3 day School of Visual Arts After School Special Festival.

Visit http://svatheatre.com/events/afterschoolspecial2016/ for the list of all the programs that will be showing during the 3 day event. I will be there from 6 to 9 for the reception and SVA Premieres opening and on Saturday at 8pm for the Deadpool screening. Sound off if you plan on coming

The 2016 San Diego Comic Con Trailer for the 2017 Wonder Woman movie reedited by me as a World War 1 era Silent Film. I am very excited for the new Wonder Woman movie and even more happy that it's a part of history I studied a lot about and wanted to see how the trailer would look like as a old 1910s Silent film.